We have been working meticulously with anglers in Europe and North America to produce a classic British gear and pawl click adjustable drag reel. Great attention has been paid to the contour detail of the palming rim.

A true classic reel built by aerospace engineers in collaboration with distinguished anglers using state of the art machinery to the highest standards possible.

  • Diameter: 4.125” / 105mm
  • Spool Width: 1.15” / 30mm
  • Spool Weight: 3.9oz/ 110g
  • Weight: 10oz / 286g
  • Bearings: Phospher Bronze
  • Made: England 



No clumsy tools or awkward coins to get your kingpin spool off. This ergonomic finger release latch works and looks just the job

This cap is a prime example of how we like to make something better as opposed to less expensive, a lever or coin release cap is half the cost! 


Easy to operate and switch between left and right hand with a double pawl check system.

The gear and pawl and made from a special stainless steel. Both parts are then vacum hardened after machining.


Note how every hole has a radii machined around the edge. The radii are scaled to each hole meaning the bigger the hole the bigger the radii. No sharp edges or dodgy burrs on a kingpin. 

The brass line guards are another example of the no expense spared policy we operate at kingpin. 

We've even colour coded the o-rings to match the handles. 


Take a closer look at the rim on the spool, perfect for those feisty fish - no hot spots. This is a combination of clever machining and hand polishing to get it perfect. There is an awful lot of work that goes into these reels both by man and machine


All reels are Defence Standard hard anodized! Reels are always laid on their back so it makes sense to make them scratch resistant, tougher than steel. Its twice the cost but five times the better and we are the only manufacturer of centrepins that applies this process as standard. 

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