With the year well underway you'll be pleased to know that so are the reels. We are on track to deliver Ken @ Perfection Angling his unique batch of 25off, 4" Imperials.

The Imperial has become a rather sought after reel in the UK since the first run of Imperial 4 1/4" a couple of years back. They have since gained a reputation not only for the build quality but also for the trademark kingpin spool start-up which we genuinely believe is unrivaled. 

We've worked closely with Ken in perfecting what we both believe to be the perfect UK ball bearing centrepin. The reel has some nice additional features such as the vented drum where the line sits. Decreased spool wall thickness  and drilled back flange to name a few.  These important features naked have made the spool very light and sensitive. 

There are strictly only 25 Imperial-400's being released. I believe Ken has most sold so if you want to get your hands on something rather special and limited in numbers then I suggest you contact Ken direct -